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BEYON Development history

In 2022,

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In 2021,

Mass production of PCR and PLA products began, and the global environmental protection investment was supported by 80 million new modern production bases, and the new production capacity was 120 million sets per year.

In 2020,

The company has passed BSCI, ISO, FDA and other certifications, and is actively expanding production and assisting in the fight against the epidemic in the face of the severe global COVID epidemic.

In 2017,

We have built a strong sales, procurement, and production management team, and established cooperation with many domestic and foreign daily chemical companies and cosmetics brands.

In 2015,

Our product positioning is the high-end cosmetics packaging market, realizing a complete independent industrial chain of injection molding-bottle blowing-labeling-hot stamping-packaging.

In 2009,

In 2009, our company was established in Yuyao, Ningbo, which has the title of East China Sea Coast.

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