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Several key factors affecting the transparency of PET bottles

PET bottles are packaging bottles with good transparency and are currently the most widely used plastic packaging materials. It can be applied to the packaging of edible oil, condiments, alcohol, liquid detergent, medicine, cosmetics and other chemical products. PET material has good transparency, a

2023 01-17
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The difference between silk screen and hot stamping

1. Different waysSilk screen: refers to the use of silk screen as the plate base, and through the photosensitive plate making method, made into a silk screen printing plate with pictures and texts.Hot stamping: refers to hot stamping text and patterns of colored foil and other materials on the surfa

2022 11-08
What is a PET bottle

A PET bottle refers to a plastic material called polyethylene terephthalate, or PET for short, which is a polymer produced by the combination of terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol. PET plastic has the characteristics of light weight, high transparency, impact resistance and resistance to chipping

2022 11-04

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