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The importance of health care bottle packaging design

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In the past, many health care products companies ignored the packaging role of health care products. They did not know that a good packaging can attract consumers' attention, and even directly win the hearts of consumers, so health care products also need better packaging to show their own Individuality and differences can attract a large number of consumer groups. Therefore, the design of health care products bottles should show the characteristics of their products.

1. Clarify the main function of the health care bottle. The health care product bottle is mainly to protect the product in the container. Any exquisite and beautiful package cannot be called an ideal package if it does not have the function of protecting the quality of the product. If consumers find that the health care product bottle is damaged when buying a product, they will choose another intact product, so the quality of the health care product bottle is the first key element.

2. Play the role of beautifying products. No matter what kind of product the packaging is exquisite-an aesthetic degree, so health care products are the same. This factor cannot be ignored just because the main users of health products are older. According to market data surveys, middle-aged and elderly people are even more particular about the appearance of packaging than young people. Therefore, when designing the style of the health care product bottle, it is necessary to be as beautiful and generous as possible, so that the packaging can attract consumers.

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3. From the perspective of consumers. Satisfying consumers’ aesthetics, an exquisite packaging can make consumers feel happy and add a bit of goodwill, creating a desire to buy. On the contrary, they will dismiss it, let alone any desire to buy.

4. Have a certain propaganda role. It is said that packaging is a silent salesperson, which can naturally attract consumers and stimulate the desire to buy when placed on the shelf. Even if the final transaction has not been reached, consumers have noticed the product and conveyed the brand image and brand message to consumers.

5. Gain the trust of consumers. Excellent health care product bottle packaging design is not only to convey product and brand information to consumers, but also to let consumers understand the capabilities and strength of the manufacturer through the outer packaging, so that consumers have a good impression of the brand.

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