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How to highlight the selling point of health care product packaging design?

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People are paying more and more attention to physical fitness, resulting in a very large demand for health care products. Everyone always likes to give high-end health care products to relatives and friends during the New Years and holidays to express their certain feelings for him. In the past, consumers tended to pay more attention to the brand when buying health products, but now consumers not only look at the brand, but also look at the packaging of the health product. After all, this health product is to be given away. If the packaging is low-end, they are embarrassed to send it out. So, how does the packaging design of health care products highlight the selling points?

1. International model of health care product packaging

In addition to satisfying the aesthetics of local consumer groups, the packaging design of health care products must also satisfy international customer groups. Many large domestic health care products companies have expanded their business to foreign countries. It is recommended that local traditional elements need to be incorporated into the packaging during the packaging design process. For example, if the medicines used in health care products are from Dali, Yunnan, the elements of Dali, Yunnan can be extracted. Come out, with the main constituent elements of the drug, reflected in the packaging. This unique design style can win the love of international customers.


2. Independent small packaging design

This kind of packaging design is generally used for high-end health products. Some health products are very expensive, such as cordyceps, antler, saffron, etc. In order to reflect these extremely rare health products, independent small packaging designs can be adopted in the packaging design. When selling offline or in pharmacies, you directly open the box and show it to customers for browsing. I believe that after reading it, some customers will be deeply attracted and have a desire to buy. Another advantage of small packaging is that it is easy to store, and the packaging design should also be convenient for consumers. It should not be designed for good looks. This will only make the product in the experience process and make consumers feel unpleasant.

3. Simple and monotonous high-end sense

At present, if you want to create high-end product packaging, the main design method is simplicity. The product packaging color does not exceed 3 kinds. The packaging is left blank to make the overall space larger. Put the brand logo and product name in the right place to make the product change instantly. Very high-end. The packaging of some domestic health care products is more earthy, and it was still accepted by consumers before, but now consumers see more of this earthy design, instead of buying, they are more willing to look at high-end health care products, when giving gifts There is no need to worry about the packaging being too earthy and affecting the recipient.

There are many brands of health care products in China. When you go to a pharmacy, you will find that there are a lot of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine health care products. If you want to make your health care products more popular among similar products, the packaging design and packaging of health care products are not only To conform to the aesthetics of consumers, it is also necessary to convey the correct brand concept, just as Amway has always delivered natural and organic health products to consumers.

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