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What material is AS

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What is the material of AS? Is it safe? If you are more interested in AS now, why not read the following article carefully, maybe you can have a deep understanding of AS.

1. What material is AS

AS belongs to the triangle sign to represent the plastic identity, AS stands for acrylonitrile-styrene resin, used for pots, cups, baby bottles, etc., has high transparency, high safety, drop resistance, and non-durability. Under normal circumstances, the triangle sign contains the number 1- 7, and AS corresponds to 7, 1 represents PET or PETE beverage bottles can be filled with room temperature water for a short time, not suitable for acid-alkaline beverages, exposed to the sun, do not reuse, 2 represents HDPE made of high-density polyethylene Plastic container, 3 represents PVC (also known as "V") polyvinyl chloride, this material product is prone to produce 2 kinds of toxic and hazardous substances, 4 represents LDPE polyethylene products, 5 represents PP polypropylene products, and 6 represents It is a plastic product made of PS polystyrene.

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2. AS material injection molding process

(1) The processing temperature of AS is usually 200-250℃. The material is easy to absorb moisture and needs to be dried for more than one hour before processing. Its fluidity is slightly worse than that of PS, so the injection pressure is also slightly higher. Drying If stored improperly, SAN(AS) has some hygroscopic properties, so the recommended drying conditions are 80°C for 2-4 hours.

(2) The melting temperature is 200-270℃. If thick-walled products are processed, a melting temperature lower than the lower limit can be used.

(3) Mould temperature is 40-80℃. For reinforced materials, the mould temperature should not exceed 60℃. The cooling system must be well designed, because mould temperature will directly affect the appearance, shrinkage and bending of the product.

(4) Injection pressure 350-1300bar Injection speed Therefore, it is recommended to use high-speed injection runners and gates. All conventional gates can be used, and the gate size must be very appropriate to avoid streaks, smears and voids.S

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