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Common faults and solutions for PET bottle blowing (2)

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Fault 7: Blast at the bottom of the bottle

Reasons: 1. The delayed blowing time is too short. 2. The delayed mold opening time is too short. 3. The temperature is too high. 4. The exhaust valve does not work.

elimination method:  

1. Lengthen the delay blowing time or increase the descending speed of the stretch rod. 2. Lengthen the delay opening time. 3. Cool down. 4. Clean the exhaust valve with gasoline

PET bottle

Fault 8: The bottom of the bottle is not full

Reasons: 1. The bottom temperature of the bottle is too high. 2. Insufficient or uneven vent holes at the bottom of the mold bottle. 3. The stretch rod has not reached the bottom. 4. The design of the stretched head does not conform to the shape of the bottom of the embryo tube. 5. Insufficient blowing pressure. 6. Insufficient flow of blowing valve. 7. Poor design of the bottom curve of the bottle.

elimination method:  

1. Reduce the temperature at the bottom of the heating zone or use a damp cloth to reduce the temperature at the bottom of the embryo tube. 2. Increase the number of vent holes and make them evenly distributed. 3. Adjust the stretch rod to the bottom of the bottle. 4. Replace the stretch head. 5. Increase blowing pressure. 6. Clean the blow valve with gasoline. 7. Increase the streamlined design of the bottom curve of the bottle

Fault 9: Thickness of embryo tube

Reasons: 1. If the tooth part of the embryo tube is in a certain position relative to the embryo tube, it is the reason for the uneven thickness of the embryo tube. 2. If the mold clamping line is in a certain position relative to the mold, it is a mold exhaust problem. 3. Uneven heating of embryo tube. 4. Poor design at the bottom of the mold.

elimination method:

1. Improve the design of embryo tube thickness. 2. Improve the vent at the bottom of the mold. 3. Improve heating conditions. 4. Improve bottom design.

Fault 10: No power indication for the bottle blowing machine

Reasons: 1. No electricity in the socket. 2. Insurance management damage. 3. The thread comes off. 4. The safety emergency switch is not turned on. 5. Whether the power switch is turned on and set to ON. 6. The indicator light is damaged. 7. Is the miniature circuit breaker of the control socket in the heating furnace closed?

elimination method:

1. Check whether the socket has electricity and whether the leakage switch has tripped. 2. Check whether the circuit is short-circuited, and then replace the fuse. 3. Connect the connector. 4. Open the emergency safety switch. 5. The power switch is in the ON position. 6. Replace the indicator light. 7. Close the circuit breaker.


Fault 11: No sealing and stretching action

Reasons: 1. The mold clamping stroke is not in place. 2. The mold clamping travel switch is broken. 3. The wire falls off. 4. Delayed stretch time relay is damaged. 5. The lifting solenoid valve and the stretching solenoid valve are damaged. 6. Cylinder intake and exhaust throttle valves are blocked or closed. 7. Corresponding solenoid valve failure. 8. Set the delay stretch time to "0".

elimination method:

1. Move forward the clamping block. 2. Replace the mold clamping stroke switch. 3. Connect the thread. 4. Replace the time relay. 5. Replace the solenoid valve. 6. Check the hole position to ensure smooth flow. 7. Check the relevant solenoid valve. 8. The delay stretch time setting cannot be less than "0".

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