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The manufacturing process and technical difficulties of glass frosted cosmetic bottles

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The manufacturing process and technical difficulties of frosted glass cosmetic bottles. Since frosted cosmetic bottles were put into the cosmetic bottle packaging market, their packaging scale operations have grown extremely fast. Moreover, because frosting is not limited by the shape of glass products, all kinds of popular All styles of glass cosmetic bottles can be frosted, so the demand for frosted cosmetic bottles is rising sharply. The competition is still going on. We firmly believe that the frosted cosmetic bottle will have a more expansive and unrestrained vision in the cosmetics packaging scale!

In terms of production process, the frosting of cosmetic bottles is very simple. You only need to immerse the clean glass product in the frosting liquid for 1-3 minutes, then take it out, and rinse it to dry. The proportion of frosting solution, take Zhengzhou Yuke Glass Crafts Co., Ltd. special frosting powder for cosmetics as an example: 10kg of frosting powder is put into 5kg of 36% hydrochloric acid, and after stirring it, let it stand for 24 hours, and then fully stir it evenly. Operable. The following matters need to be addressed in production:

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1. Frosting powder should be placed in a dry and ventilated place to prevent moisture.

2. The general situation of glass bottle products must be cleaned, and there should be no debris.

3. If the frosting is uneven once, it can be frosted twice after washing.

4. Rubber gloves should be worn during operation to prevent skin burns. If contact with skin carelessly, rinse with clean water immediately.

5. Frosting powder and hydrochloric acid should be added in real time after the frosting liquid has been operated for a period of time.

6. Frosting liquid must be prepared in plastic containers or metal containers with anti-corrosion measures.

7. The frosting liquid needs to be stirred evenly before operation, and stored with a cover when not in use.

The outline of the frosted glass bottle is extremely fine and uniform frosted particles, which makes the frosted glass bottle emit a warm and elegant luster like a beautiful jade, the mysterious beauty of the bottle body, the delicate and smooth hand feel, and the innocent and empty visual ending. It won the bid for refurbishment in flood packaging materials. Moreover, the unchanging characteristics of the glass itself, such as non-fading and non-deformation, effectively prevent the cosmetic bottle from chemically reacting with the packaging bottle under the light, and can better protect the quality of the cosmetics. While rapidly advancing the added value of products, the use of frosted glass bottles to package clothing products ensures that the products can always keep up with the market growth trend and maximize consumer taste needs.

With the rapid growth of the cosmetics packaging industry, the cosmetic bottle market has more and more visual requirements for packaging. The frosted bottle is favored by the flood of cosmetics packaging manufacturers and Fanbo consumers because of its sublime and elegant appearance, and has become a cosmetics. The main material in the packaging market.

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