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What is the material of the moisture-proof bottle?

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Nowadays, people's health awareness is getting heavier, and people's needs are getting higher and higher. Pharmaceutical packaging is also innovating, using healthy and environmentally friendly materials. Now people who choose drugs see that some bottles can be moisture-proof. What is the main material of this kind of moisture-proof bottle?

It is understood that the current moisture-proof bottle material is made of polyethylene. What are the characteristics of it? Polyethylene has the characteristics of non-toxic, hygienic, low-cost, good flexibility, and transparency with different molecular weights. 

plastic bottle

Very good moisture resistance, easy to process and shape, excellent heat sealability and thermal bonding performance, strong cold resistance; but poor air tightness, poor printing performance, low strength and heat resistance, easy to be exposed to light and heat Antioxidant is generally required to be degraded by the effect. Commonly used antioxidants are butyl hydroxytoluene or dilauric acid thiodipropionate.

In recent years, my country's pharmaceutical plastic bottle packaging has developed rapidly. Pharmaceutical plastic bottle packaging has the advantages of light weight, no damage, sanitation, etc., and meets the special requirements of pharmaceutical packaging. At present, in the packaging of pharmaceutical tablets and capsules in China, "plastic" has been gradually replaced with "glass." The application of high-quality moisture-proof bottles is inseparable from reasonable bottle structure design, complete production equipment and mature process methods.

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