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Handwriting requirements for cosmetic packaging bottles

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Acrylic packaging bottles for cosmetic containers have good transparency, light transmittance of more than 92%, good anti-aging performance, and can be used at ease outdoors. Acrylic packaging bottles have a wide variety of colors, rich colors, and have extremely excellent comprehensive performance. It provides designers with diversified choices, which can be dyed, and the surface can be painted, silk-screened or vacuum coated.

Generally speaking, when companies design acrylic bottles, they will not only design patterns, but also design some words, because as a packaging bottle, certain words are needed to explain the product. For this reason, whether it is to play the role of text or to consider the quality and visual effect of the packaging bottle, companies are required to ensure that the handwriting on the packaging bottle meets the following three requirements:

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The basic requirement for the handwriting printed on any surface of the cosmetics container is to be clear, because only the handwriting is clear enough, people can clearly see the content of the text, so that the role of the text can be reflected. Therefore, the first requirement for enterprises to meet the handwriting of cosmetic plastic containers and acrylic bottles is clarity.

In order to ensure that the text on the acrylic bottle is easy for people to read, and at the same time to ensure that the entire packaging bottle has a beautiful appearance, the existence of the text does not affect the appearance of the appearance, and the company is required to ensure that the handwriting on the packaging bottle meets the requirement of neatness. Especially when there are many words, you must optimize the design and processing to ensure that all your own handwriting is very neat.

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