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What are the challenges and opportunities facing the recycling of PET bottles?

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The market share of PET used as a packaging material has grown tremendously. However, in today's market, only colorless and light blue bottles have recycling value. This is because there are certain limitations in the reuse of colored PET bottles, so the value is much lower.

1. Problematic additives

Multi-layer PET bottles, as well as those containing additives that cannot be recycled, can easily pass through the recycling system and become part of the PET bale. The recovery system must strive to identify and remove these components.

As a result, many brand owners who want to support recyclable products with recyclable bottles have avoided the development of additional weighting or technology with a longer shelf life. Because these technologies will bring some problems to the existing PET recycling system.

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2. Reprocessing of the problem bottle

Companies rarely process problematic bottles into recycled PET for other uses, mainly because the economic return of this material to the recycling process is very low. In addition, colored glass bottles (different from being dyed light blue and a certain degree of green) have very low returns to the recycling process. To develop a unique color flow, only one color is not enough.

3. Opportunity for recycling

Interestingly, an important amber PET bottle market may accommodate other non-colored and even problematic PET bottles. Bottle types that are known to turn yellow during the melting step after processing may also be added to the amber PET stream. Therefore, there will be an opportunity to create an unprecedented market for problematic PET bottles. Similarly, rigorous performance testing is required to understand how the inclusion of these types of non-colored PET bottles may affect the amber PET recycling stream.

It's time to start working on this problem. The goal is to figure out how to best handle amber bottle products in the future so that amber PET can add value rather than detract from it.

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