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Introduction to the surface pattern printing process of cosmetic packaging glass materials

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Cosmetic packaging glass materials are of great help in enhancing the product temperament of cosmetics. The heavy texture of cosmetic packaging glass material and various sprayed decorations are unmatched by plastic bottle packaging. We can find that the exquisite trademarks and beautiful patterns on the glass outer bottlesused for packaging cosmetics, coupled with the high quality of the cosmetic packaging glass materials, will attract consumers more willing to buy this cosmetic.

To make cosmetic packaging glass materials exquisite, the key is to rely on printing graphics on it. In the cosmetic industry with traditional craftsmanship, silk screen printing, stickers, etc. were generally used for the patterns of cosmetic packaging glass materials. Both environmental protection and personnel costs were not ideal. Now the promotion and popularization of UV color printing is an inevitable trend in the development of surface pattern printing of cosmetic packaging glass materials in the future.

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Cosmetics packaging glass materials using UV color printing machines have become more advanced with the development of science and technology, and the inks used are more in line with environmental protection standards. In addition, from a cost point of view, cosmetic packaging glass material manufacturers must first consider costs and benefits. 

The cost of traditional printing staff is very high, and the technology needs to be very strong, but now the printing process of cosmetic packaging glass materials is directly computer graphics, immediate printing, immediate finished products, and a lot of intermediate links are missing, so that customers can produce products in a timely and efficient manner. . Then the significant advantage of using UV color printing for cosmetic packaging glass materials is personalized customization. Traditional printing is fixed template printing, and one template can only print one pattern. Now UV printing can print one pattern at a time as long as there is a picture. Different patterns of different products can be printed at the same time, which can be fully customized according to the needs of customers, with higher efficiency.

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