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Material characteristics of transparent plastic bottles

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Plastic bottles can be seen everywhere in our lives, and transparent plastic bottles often appear in our daily lives.

1. The characteristics of the transparent plastic bottle made of PET material: hard, good toughness, high strength, smooth surface, environmental protection and non-toxic, transparent and multi-color sheets. The disadvantage is that PET high-frequency heating is more difficult, and the price is slightly more expensive than PVC. Sub-materials are often replaced by users who require high-grade and environmentally friendly products. PET materials are generally used for food-grade product packaging or pharmaceutical packaging.

2. The characteristics of PP transparent plastic bottles: soft texture, good hand feel, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, good toughness, high temperature resistance, and are often made into packaging for dining utensils or other high temperature resistant products; but their plasticity is poor and processing is difficult. The surface gloss is poor and the color will become lighter during processing, and it is used to make disposable plastic bottles.

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3. Features of transparent plastic bottles made of PMMA: PMMA is commonly known as acrylic, also known as plexiglass. It is a material with excellent transparency. Its surface hardness is slightly lower, and it is easy to scratch and scratch. It is suitable for manufacturing transparent insulating parts and The strength is a normal part, and the other point is that PMMA has good chemical stability. Plastic bottles made of PMMA can contain some acid-alkaline products.

4. PS material transparent plastic bottle features: colorless and transparent, light transmittance is second only to acrylic material, chemical stability is general, suitable for making some insulating transparent parts, decorative parts, instrument covers and other transparent parts.

5. The characteristics of the transparent plastic bottle made of PC material: colorless and transparent material, good light transmittance, hardness similar to PET, high temperature resistance and other characteristics, suitable for making some small instrument parts, insulating transparent parts.

And impact resistant parts, high temperature resistant plastic bottles can also be made.

6. Characteristics of transparent plastic bottles made of ABS material: This material is relatively expensive and has great promise in the fields of decoration, parts with special requirements, and plastic bottle packaging with special requirements.

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