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What are the functions of cosmetic packaging colors?

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Now the cosmetic bottle series industry is developing rapidly, the market competition is becoming more and more fierce, and the styles are gradually diversifying. The colors of cosmetic packaging materials are also rich and colorful, showing the quality, style and unique charm of various cosmetic bottle series. What are the functions of the colors of cosmetic packaging materials?

1. Beautify function

The cosmetic bottle series occupies an eye-catching corner in the shopping mall, attracting people of different ages. Cosmetics are the product of fashion, which best reflects people's pursuit of aesthetic consciousness. Color enriches people's production with its colorful and unique way, makes ordinary cosmetic packaging materials colorful, and wins people's favor of cosmetics.

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2. Recognition function

Color has its own unique personality, and each color is distinguished from other colors due to the difference in brightness, hue, and purity. Nowadays, various cosmetics compete with each other on the self-selected goods shelves of supermarkets, which makes people dizzy. Companies apply standard colors to the packaging materials of the products and form a visual unity, which makes the customers clear at a glance and strengthens the corporate image. Consumers can quickly identify which company or brand the cosmetic is and make a choice according to their needs.

3. Auxiliary customer purchase function

The cosmetic bottle series has its unique color personality and attributes. Choosing vivid colors can make consumers have color memories of the packaging design of the product, and further understand and understand the role and characteristics of the product.

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