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Acrylic bottle packaging needs to improve its own defects

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Acrylic bottles are similar to glass bottles in appearance, but are plastic bottles in material. The advantages of both are arduous, which makes acrylic bottles very popular in the cosmetic packaging market in the past period of time. We all know that cosmetic bottle packaging pursues exquisite appearance, but long-distance transportation requires the bottle packaging to be shatter-resistant. These are what the acrylic bottle packaging itself has.

However, acrylic bottle packaging is not all advantages, and its own defects also hinder its further expansion of the market space. Acrylic bottles cannot be used for edible packaging, and the material itself is not suitable for packaging food, which makes it difficult for acrylic bottles to expand market space in food and medicine-related fields. On the other hand, acrylic bottle packaging cannot be recycled and reused, which also makes it impossible for the packaging market that pursues recycling and reuse to have more room for expansion.

For acrylic bottle packaging, only by overcoming the above two shortcomings can it have a better development prospect.

Acrylic Bottles

Vacuum packaging has quietly emerged. Vacuum packaging can protect skin care products that contain fat, rosin oil, and vitamins. It has the advantages of strong protection and high elasticity recovery. Another important development direction of vacuum packaging is to highlight functionality, which is very important for less complicated containers. 

Plastic bottles still occupy an important position and are still the strongest competitor of glass packaging and acrylic packaging. The advantages of plastic containers have always been light weight, sturdiness and easy production. Through the efforts of chemists and plastic manufacturers, plastic products have achieved the transparency that only glass had in the past. In addition, PETG is easily dyed into various colors, and even after anti-UV treatment, the transparency remains unchanged.

In short, packaging products companies are leading the development trend of cosmetics companies. An excellent packaging company will never follow the previous cosmetics companies, but will lead the cosmetics companies to develop in a fashion, more beautiful and more diverse direction.

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