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Cosmetic glass packaging has irreplaceable advantages

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As the two main forms of cosmetic bottle packaging, what is the future development of plastic and glass packaging?

Generally speaking, the texture of cosmetics is divided into solid granular (powder), liquid and emulsion cosmetics, and paste cosmetics. This form makes bottle packaging more widely used in cosmetic packaging. At the same time, cosmetics do not have a distinctive appearance. They must pass through exquisite and unique packaging design to be able to show their own characteristics.

Judging from the current situation, the advantages of plastic bottle packaging are significant. It is lightweight and inexpensive, and can be made into various sizes, transparent and opaque. At the same time, the printing performance of plastic bottle packaging is very good, and the instructions, logos, and bar codes can be directly printed on the surface of the container by heat transfer, inkjet, printing and other methods. In recent years, PET resin has developed rapidly in the application of cosmetic containers, which has led to a major change in replacing glass bottles with plastics. Plastic products have occupied more than 80% of the packaging market for cosmetics and have become the most important packaging container for cosmetics.

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Compared with the proportion of plastic, the proportion of glass-based bottle packaging in cosmetic packaging is relatively small, no more than 8%. However, glass still has irreplaceable advantages in this field. In the short term, it is still the preferred material for high-end cosmetics. The reasons for this situation are as follows.

First, the texture of glass bottle packaging is better than that of plastic bottles. Noble and elegant is the charm of the glass bottle. It can be made into a frosted or transparent glass bottle. At the same time, the weight of the glass bottle can double the trust of consumers and improve the quality of cosmetics. This is something plastic packaging cannot do. . At present, most perfume packaging still uses glass bottles. For example, the Italian BVLGARI women's perfume, its packaging design upholds the tradition of exquisite excellence, with a streamlined frosted glass bottle to highlight its simple lines, the bottle body is soft emerald green, conveying fresh, elegant and friendly characteristics.

Second, the sealing of glass bottle packaging is better. For some cosmetics with whitening and nutritional effects, they contain a lot of nutrients like food, but they are easily oxidized. This requires their packaging to have excellent sealing properties to block the influence of oxygen on these cosmetics. In addition, volatile perfumes also have high requirements for high barrier properties of packaging. Glass bottles have strong barrier properties and are undoubtedly better than plastic bottles in protecting the contents. Therefore, some cosmetics that take the high-end route still use glass bottle packaging as the first choice.

At present, plastic bottle packaging occupies a large share in cosmetic packaging and has a wide range of applications, but glass bottle packaging also has its irreplaceable advantages. Glass-based cosmetics packaging should still take the high-end route in the future, while also increasing its technological content.

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