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Essential Goods for Epidemic Prevention and Control-Alcohol Spray Bottles

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The epidemic prevention and control situation is once again tense, and personal protection cannot be taken carelessly. Friends with social needs, attending parties, company team building, meetings, trade fairs and other activities should take personal protection. Before and after participating in such activities, you can use 75% alcohol for disinfection or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

1. Divide alcohol spray bottle

PETG spray travel sub-bottle, suitable for toner, makeup spray, and can be divided into 75% alcohol. Divide alcohol into spray bottles. You can spray it when you travel, during work, at the end of a dinner party, and go home. It is more protective and protects you and your family. The spray is fine and uniform, and the seal does not leak.

Small bottle body, easy to carry. For daily protection when going out, you can pack alcohol into your pockets. If you have children at home, this is a good choice. 

Small bottle, big effect. The spray is uniform, the amount is saved, the atomization area is wide, and it is easy to protect you.

Large-capacity spray-type replacement bottle, guarding the home, can be divided into alcohol and disinfectant. Used for household door and window cleaning, disinfection of all angles in the kitchen, etc. It can also be used as cute succulent planting, gardening and watering flowers.

spray bottle

2. The hose can be squeezed and bottled

The hose squeeze bottle can be filled with relatively viscous liquids such as milky, suitable for facial cleanser, shower gel, hair conditioner, body lotion, etc.; it is also a good partner for dispensing hand sanitizer. Gently squeeze the liquid, and pack it out and carry it out for protection anytime and anywhere.

The Nordic color combination suits have various styles to meet your color value control. The combination of suits can be divided into categories, which is more convenient.

A variety of capacities are available, large capacity for home use, and no one in the family can go out to carry it. The important thing is not to have everything, but to have what you need.

There are requirements for life and requirements for yourself. There is no time to be quiet, but someone is carrying the weight for you. The epidemic is not over, so personal protection should not be taken carelessly.

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