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Why are cosmetic bottles popular?

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Recently, the cosmetic bottling index has soared, indicating that the demand for bottling in the market has increased. So why is the recent cosmetic bottling so popular?

In fact, mainly to understand the concept of sub-bottling, it is not difficult to find the reasons for the increase in the demand for cosmetic sub-bottling:

travel bottle

The concept of cosmetic bottling

The concept of cosmetic packaging is to divide the formal product into many parts, and pack them in other containers. The capacity is about the same as the sample. Because the volume of the cosmetics is small, the price is lower.

Reasons for increasing demand for cosmetic bottles:

1. The fast-paced influence of people's lives, lightness, simplicity, and convenience conform to the rhythm of urban life.

2. People who have little long-term demand due to the impact of the epidemic and consider short-term needs.

3. Due to the influence of National Day and other holidays, people tend to carry travel packages to reduce weight when traveling.

I almost forgot to mention that there are accessories for the bottle. Although the contact area between the inner material and the accessories is small, it cannot be ignored. Like most pump heads, the spring is built-in. When the pump head is in use, there is always some internal material in the pump head that is always in contact with the spring.

travel bottle

However, some plant extracts are polyphenolic cosmetics, which are prone to react with metals, causing the pressed inner material to darken the color. This is an obvious compatibility problem. Therefore, it will be changed to a pump head with an external spring, but the price of a pump head with an external spring will be higher, and it is rarely seen that it is used for low-priced sub-bottling.

There are other accessories like screw caps, flip caps, etc. At present, most of them are made of PE and PP.

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