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Why has PET plastic become so popular?

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PET plastic or PETE, also known as polyethylene terephthalate, is the most common thermoplastic polymer in the world. In the textile industry, the commercial name of this material is "polyester". This is a natural semi-crystalline transparent plastic, used as a moisture-proof layer for fiber clothing, used in packaging, bottles, containers, also known as PET resin or PET, and can even improve when combined with carbon nanotubes and glass fibers. The strength of engineering plastics.

The most important features of PET include its high strength-to-weight ratio, and its water resistance. In fact, PET is shockproof, as opposed to glass containers and packaging. PET is also a recyclable economical plastic.

At present, the global demand for PET materials exceeds 56 million tons. The main use of polyethylene is in the textile industry, accounting for more than 60% of the market share. Packaging and bottles account for more than 40%.

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The most important characteristics of PET and PETE are:

Strength-to-weight ratio: PET is light and strong.

Chemical resistance: PET will not react with water, food and other substances, so it is safe for consumer packaging products.

Transparency: PET is a natural and transparent material. If higher transmittance is required, polycarbonate or acrylate may be preferred.

Shatterproof: PET will not crack or break, making it a more popular material than glass containers.

Polyethylene terephthalate is called a thermoplastic material. This refers to the way PET plastic responds to various temperatures (mainly heat). The thermoplastic material will fluidize at its melting point. For PET, the temperature is 260 degrees Celsius.

The reason why PET plastics are so useful is that they can be heated, cooled and reused without significant degradation. Thermoplastics can be burned rather than burned, but can be injection molded, and then enter the recycling process. On the other hand, thermoset plastics can only enter this process once. The first heating of these plastics will cause a chemical change in the material, which cannot be reversed. If you try to repeat this process, the plastic will only burn. This factor makes them a bad recycling option.

Why is PET used so frequently?

Some of the reasons why PET plastic is so highly sought after is the fact that it has extremely high strength, is light in weight, hardly breaks, and does not react with substances such as water and food.

These unique characteristics coupled with low prices and a wide range of applications, not to mention environmental protection and recyclability, make PET plastic an almost unparalleled consumer product packaging solution.

PET is not only the first choice for various containers and bottles, but also when used with cotton cloth, the polyester used to make fabrics has good flexibility. This reduces shrinkage and wrinkling, not to mention improving the resistance to fabric tearing.

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