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Analysis of cosmetics packaging market(2)

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Third, the mainstream of the packaging market

First, fresh-keeping cosmetics will occupy a considerable market. In order to meet the needs of customers, companies often choose to produce preservative-free products. Therefore, companies have to fill them in extremely small containers so that people can use them up at one time. For example, many brands of essence use this packaging method. Although this kind of cosmetics is generally expensive and difficult to become a mainstream product in the market, it is a sign of the future fashion and luxury lifestyle, so there will be a stable consumer group.

The second is the development and design of green packaging materials. At present, more and more cosmetics companies have begun to pay attention to environmental protection issues, and they will also consider the selection of cosmetic packaging materials-can these materials be recycled? "Like products, there is no doubt that they are green and environmentally friendly. Packaging materials will be the general trend."

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Another possibility to become mainstream is multilayer plastic composite technology. It can make multiple layers of different types of plastics compound together and form them at one time. You can choose any color and design any shape-as long as you have enough imagination. With multi-layer molding technology, on the one hand, plastic packaging can completely isolate light and air, and avoid oxidation of skin care products. On the other hand, by combining different types of substances, it can give people a wonderful visual effect and unique feel in appearance. , Improve the flexibility of the hose.

At the same time, vacuum packaging has quietly emerged. Vacuum packaging can protect skin care products that contain fat, rosin oil, and vitamins. It has the advantages of strong protection and high resilience. Another important development direction of vacuum packaging is to highlight functionality, which is very important for less complex containers.

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