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How to clean essential oil bottles?

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How to clean the essential oil bottle and how is the cleaning process? People use many special tools to clean essential oil bottles every day. It is inconvenient to clean certain items and change them after use. They always feel that they are not clean. For a single essential oil, it is difficult and impossible to clean. So, how does it actually clean up?

1. After people use up essential oils, put a piece of absorbent paper on the stopper, turn the essential oil bottle upside down, and place it on it for about 24 hours. The remaining oil inside will also drip.

2. Then use medical tweezers to clamp the absorbent paper to clean the inside of the glass bottle, and wipe it again with a paper towel, which is similar to wiping the stains on the surface.

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3. Drain the water with detergent, pour it into the essential oil bottle, cover the bottle and shake it, leave it for about 15 minutes, discard it, add water, repeat 3 times, and rinse with drinking water.

4. After wiping the inner wall of the essential oil bottle with a handkerchief, open the cork and place it in the dialog box or air circulation area for natural ventilation. If necessary, you can use a hair dryer to dry immediately, but please be careful not to use too hot wind.

Also pay attention to the single-sided essential oil burette: both the essential oil bottle and the burette can be cleaned with hand sanitizer, and there is a slender soft brush to clean the burette. It is more difficult to buy in areas where chemical experiment operation equipment is sold. When cleaning the burette, you can choose the soaking method. Put some paper scraps into the water and press the rubber head several times. The shredded paper will increase friction. After soaking for a period of time, repeat it again. Usually it can be cleaned neatly. Just put the hand sanitizer diluted with water into the aqueous solution.

A clean burette is usually not easily soiled by water and oil. After adding a clean burette, usually only the branch tube will be stained with some oil. If it is clean and tidy, it is enough. When it is found that the inner cavity of the essential oil bottle is stained with other kinds of grease and cannot be removed, please use a burette separately to prevent environmental pollution. After a single essential oil is polluted by the environment, the storage time will be reduced.

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