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Purchase skills of essential oil bottle

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The glass material of essential oil bottle for cosmetic packaging is very commonly used in our lives, and its use also brings convenience to our lives. So here is some knowledge about essential oil bottles for cosmetic packaging.

The essential oil bottle for cosmetic packaging is made of glass because glass bottles are relatively stable and are not easy to chemically react with essential oils. But like ordinary plastic bottles, including some plastic bottles are not ideal, some harmful substances are easy to be separated out when filling essential oils, because some essential oils are highly volatile and their molecular structure is not very stable. Essential oil bottles made of dark glass are mainly to prevent some essential oils from being photosensitive. And the storage time of essential oils is relatively long.

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About the purchase skills of essential oil bottles:

1. Unilateral essential oils are generally less than 10ml, such as 5ml, 10ml. Compound essential oils are generally above 10 ml. The color of the essential oil bottles for single and compound essential oils should be dark and light-proof, which can reduce the volatilization of essential oils.

2. The choice of the cap of the essential oil bottle, depending on the method of use, you can choose a dropper with a dropper or a plastic dropper.

3. The glass material of the essential oil bottle is printed with logo, and the printing methods are silk screen and hot stamping. Screen printing is divided into high temperature screen printing and low temperature screen printing. High temperature screen printing is relatively strong, and low temperature screen printing is relatively easy to drop.

Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has some understanding of the related introduction of essential oil bottle glass material, which can better enable us to bring more convenience in the future use process, and make our production and processing more convenient.

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