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How to deal with cosmetic bottles

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1. The small bottle of eye cream can hold body lotion and carry it with you

Eye cream bottles are usually very small, so you might as well use them to pack some eye cream or hand cream with you in the summer, and apply it to the elbows or joints that are often rubbed to keep the skin soft at all times. Avoid Excess keratin accumulation or dull complexion.

2. Multi-color bottles for DIY aromatherapy wax

Different series of cream bottles of the same brand may only have different colors. If they are glass, you can use DIY scented candles, prepare some essential oils, drop different kinds of essential oils into bottles of different colors, and then add melted white wax , A purely natural scented candle is ready.

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3. The empty compact box is used for single-color eyeshadow or blotting paper

The used powder box can not only be used to pack small pieces of monochromatic eyeshadow, but also to avoid the waste of repurchasing the eyeshadow box. In addition, the empty compact box is also suitable for storing oil-absorbing paper in summer, which is both light and convenient.

4. Ceramic bottles can hold jewelry

Compared with ordinary glass bottles, resin bottles or plastic bottles, ceramic bottles are more suitable for storing jewelry, because the properties of ceramics are more stable, not easily affected by air humidity and external temperature changes, and the sealing is higher, which is very suitable for storing diamond rings. Pearl or silver jewelry.

5. Lip gloss empty bottle transparent nail polish emergency stockings

The small empty bottle of lip gloss can be filled with some transparent nail polish. For girls, this is the magic of first aid stockings in summer. A single tap can prevent the holes of the hooked stockings from getting bigger and bigger.


In order to avoid some unscrupulous manufacturers from recycling empty bottles online, they buy genuine cosmetic bottles from consumers at a low price, then fill them with inferior cosmetics, and then sell them at a high price. Do not easily sell empty bottles to unknown buyers, and do not arbitrarily discard them. You can pay attention to the empty bottle recycling activities held by large shopping malls or cosmetics officials, and send the empty bottles for disposal.

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