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What are the advantages of cosmetic glass bottle packaging

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Because cosmetic glass bottles have good chemical stability and are not easy to react with the contents; good transparency, coloring agents such as iron, cobalt, and chromium can be added to the raw materials to produce glass bottles of various colors (such as amber glass, green glass, blue and white) Glass, cobalt blue glass, opal glass, opal glass); good heat resistance and not easy to deform; high compressive strength, resistance to internal pressure; high density and weight (suitable for higher-end cosmetic packaging); barrier properties, hygiene Good performance and preservation, easy to seal, and can be tightly sealed again after opening. Therefore, cosmetic glass bottles are often used for the packaging of high-end cosmetics or some special cosmetics.

Glass bottles used for packaging liquid cosmetics are generally small-mouth bottles (narrow-mouth bottles), which are mainly used for packaging nail polish, nail polish remover, perfume and fragrance. The structure and shape of the glass bottle can be designed according to the needs of product packaging, and it can be realized by changing the mold during manufacturing. The bottle body can be directly decorated with printing or labeling. At the same time, glass bottles of different colors can be used to meet the packaging requirements of different characteristics of cosmetics. The bottle cap design that matches the glass bottle is a very important aspect, especially the design of perfume bottles and bottle caps, which are endlessly changing.

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Perfumes and essences are commonly used liquid fragrances in daily life, and they all have a fragrant, rich, and long-lasting aroma. Their packaging generally adopts glass bottle containers to meet the requirements and noble characteristics of their packaging. Some lower-grade perfumes (such as cologne) can also be packaged in cosmetic glass bottles.

Cosmetic glass bottles used for packaging perfumes and essences have rich and diverse shapes. Generally, transparent glass bottles of various colors are used for packaging. Various patterns are often made during bottle processing to increase the decorative effect of the bottle; bottle size The specifications change according to the characteristics, requirements and grades of the perfumes and fragrances inside; the bottle cap design has good sealing performance, beautiful and changeable appearance, and can play a good decorative role; the bottle body generally does not print patterns (even if the patterns are printed, the patterns are small , And does not affect the overall display effect of the bottle), but to show the clear and transparent characteristics of the product. Trademarks and patterns are generally printed on the bottle cap, or a nameplate is hung on the bottleneck.

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