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What is the printing method on the cosmetic bottle

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The printing on the cosmetic bottle should be a silk screen.

1. The method of printing patterns and texts. The screen printing of glass bottles can realize the printing of all patterns, so no matter how difficult the patterns are, they can be displayed on the glass bottles. The screen printing of the printing plate uses ink or other pigments;

2. Leak into the bottle body through the screen, while rotating the bottle body at the same time, the pre-made pattern can be completely transferred to the bottle. That is, you design the desired pattern and send it to the printing plant to be printed on transparent plastic decals. This kind of decal paper is very reliable to press the decal paper on the plastic bottle. Once heated by the heat transfer machine, the decal paper and the plastic bottle are completely bonded together.

cosmetic bottle

Screen printing belongs to stencil printing, which is called the four printing methods together with lithography, embossing and gravure printing.

Perforated printing includes transcription, perforated pattern, spray and screen printing, etc. The principle of stencil printing is: the printing plate (the perforations that can pass ink are made on the base of the paper film plate or other plates). When printing, the ink is transferred to the substrate (paper, ceramics, etc.) through the perforations of the stencil under a certain pressure.)

During printing, the ink is transferred to the substrate through the mesh of the image and text by the squeeze of the squeegee, forming the same image and text as the original. The screen printing equipment is simple, convenient to operate, simple in printing and plate making, low in cost, and strong in adaptability. The common printed matter with a wide range of screen printing applications are: color oil paintings, posters, business cards, binding covers, commodity signs, and printed and dyed textiles.

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