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What is the difference between a molded bottle and a control bottle

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Glass bottles are the main packaging containers for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. They have good chemical stability; easy to seal, airtight, transparent, can be observed from the outside of the contents; good storage performance; smooth surface, easy to sterilize and sterilize; beautiful shape, colorful decoration; have a certain mechanical strength, can withstand the pressure inside the bottle and the external force during transportation; raw materials are widely distributed, low price and other advantages. 

The disadvantage is the large mass (mass to volume ratio), brittleness and fragility. However, the use of thin-walled lightweight and physical and chemical toughening of new technologies, these disadvantages have been significantly improved, and thus the glass bottle can be in fierce competition with plastic, iron hear, iron cans, production increased year by year.

There is a wide variety of glass bottles, from small bottles with a capacity of 1 ML to large bottles of more than ten litres, from round, square, to shaped and shaped bottles with handles, from colourless and transparent amber, green, blue, black shaded bottles and opaque milky glass bottles, to name but a few. In terms of manufacturing process, glass bottles are generally divided into two categories: moulded bottles (using a model bottle) and control bottles (using a glass control bottle). Moulded bottles are divided into two categories: large-mouth bottles (with a mouth diameter of 30mm or more) and small-mouth bottles. 

The former is used to hold powders, lumps and pastes, while the latter is used to hold liquids. According to the form of the bottle mouth is divided into cork mouth, threaded mouth, crown cap mouth, rolled mouth frosted mouth, etc. The bottles are divided into "disposable bottles", which are used once, and "recycled bottles", which are used repeatedly. According to the classification of the contents, it can be divided into wine bottles, beverage bottles, oil bottles, can bottles, acid bottles, medicine bottles, reagent bottles, infusion bottles, cosmetic bottles and so on.

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1. The molding method is different from the control bottle. The control bottle is first drawn into a glass tube, and then the glass tube is used to make the bottle in a vertical rotary machine. The molded bottle is made of borax and quartz sand in the kiln line machine. For the production of bottles, the control bottle does not use molds, only two sets of mold wheels are used, and a complete set of molds is required for molded bottles;

2. The appearance of the molded bottle is different from that of the control bottle. The outer surface of the control bottle looks brighter, and the thickness is generally between 1.0-1.2mm, and the transparency is better; the surface of the molded bottle is rougher, and the thickness of the bottle wall is about 2mm, which is resistant to falling. 

3. In terms of the materials of molded bottles and controlled bottles: controlled bottles are generally made of low borosilicate in China, but high borosilicate and medium borosilicate can also be made, while the molded bottles are made of soda lime glass, because the material is inferior to control due to its resistance to drugs and acid. bottle. Freeze-drying of control bottles is better, while molded bottles cannot be freeze-dried.

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