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Did you pack the travel bottle correctly?

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I believe that many little fairies who travel frequently and have a sense of ritual in their lives will take the cosmetics and skin care products they use every day in travel bottles and take them to travel, but cosmetics as daily chemical products are not casual. Packed in any bottle. Because the ingredients of some cosmetics react with certain plastics. So every cosmetic product will pass strict compatibility tests with packaging materials before it goes on the market. Today I will talk about which products should be in which bottle.

When developing the packaging material, the compatibility of the inner material and the packaging material will be considered while the particularity of the inner material will be considered. Compatibility refers to whether the inner material and packaging will react, causing changes in the inner material or packaging. The particularity of the internal material mainly refers to the nature of the internal material that is not resistant to light or heat. Therefore, when packaging development, it will be considered from whether the packaging material and inner material need to be protected from light.

Generally, travel sub-bottles on the market are divided into high-permeability bottles of PET, PETG, AS, PE or PP opaque bottles, and PE or PVC hoses. You can also look at the plastic triangle symbol at the bottom, which is usually on the bottom of a regular plastic bottle.

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High-permeability bottles PET or PETG are relatively common materials, basically most water, milk, and toiletries can be filled. But if the original packaging of the cosmetics you buy is opaque, and there are some active ingredients such as extracts, it is not recommended to use transparent bottles. Maybe the light will affect those cosmetics with active substances.

For whitening products, oils, sunscreens, BB creams, and water-in-oil creams, it is recommended to use PP bottles. This plastic material is more resistant to various chemical agents. Basically, you can see the formal products The cream bottle is made of PP.

There are some PE or PVC travel packaging hoses on the market. These hoses are recommended as disposable consumables. The single-layer hose made of PE has very low barrier properties. If the inner material containing volatile components such as essential oils is poured, the essential oils are likely to evaporate. The general production hoses for formal wear are all multi-layered materials, which is beneficial to improve the barrier properties of plastics. If you encounter those hose products that have not been opened for use, and you smell the fragrance of the inner material from the outside, it should be a hose without a barrier layer.

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