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What standards should a high-quality health care product bottle have?

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Since various functional components of health care products are easily affected by air, temperature, humidity, light, microorganisms and other factors during the storage process, various complex physical and chemical changes will occur, which will affect the quality and safety of health care products. The selection of appropriate health care products bottles and advanced packaging technology is closely related to the quality of health care products. The main function of health care products bottles is first to protect the health care quality and prevent the functional components of health care products from deteriorating. Therefore, the health product bottle should have the following characteristics:

  1. Barrier effect: (1) Anti-penetration: Volatile functional components can be dissolved in the inner side of the packaging material, and spread to the other side by the action of osmotic pressure. That is, volatile components diffuse out from the molecules of the container wall. Affect the stability of health care products. In order to prevent the penetration phenomenon, when selecting packaging materials, materials with low permeability should be selected as individual packaging of medicines.

    (2) Shading: In addition to sealing, the packaging of health care products needs to be shaded. Three methods are often used to shading health care products packaging: ① traditional multi-purpose brown health care products bottles; ② new materials are aluminum-plastic composite film, aluminum, paper-plastic composite film; ③ add sunscreen agents, such as titanium dioxide, in the health care product bottles.

    (3) Anti-leakage: This situation mostly occurs when the structural design and packaging technology of the health care product bottle are improper. Of course, it is sometimes caused by improper material selection.

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2. Buffering effect, health foods are subject to various external forces of vibration, impact and extrusion during transportation and storage, which are easy to cause damage. For this reason, the health care product bottle should have a buffering effect to prevent vibration, impact and squeezing.

3. The material is environmentally friendly: to ensure that the surface of the health product bottle is in contact with the health product for a long time without any effect.

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