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How to use cosmetic airless bottles

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Some cosmetics that people use now are airless bottles that are pressed by more people. When using them, they only need to press a few times to come out, and then they can be accumulated in the palm of their hands. Then this kind of bottle is reliable. What principle can squeeze something out, and what material bottle is, we need to understand.

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If the cosmetic airless bottle is squeeze type, then you need to have a better choice of the material of the bottle, it should not be easy to break, it is best to choose plastic material, not easy to break, and withstand pressure It is also relatively strong. Generally speaking, a bottle containing cosmetics will have a freely movable floor inside the bottle, and then slowly move to the top during the use process, and when the contents of the bottle are almost used up, the tray will be In a position closer to the top of the bottle.

Open the lid again, and then push the movable tray to the bottom. You should rinse the bottle many times, because skin care products need to be relatively clean, and then you can put in the cosmetics. If the pressure is not strong enough, you can try After pressing a few times, you can squeeze out the cosmetics more easily.

These are some of the principles that airless bottles are used to store cosmetics. It should be better controlled during use. Do not let these things splash out, and be careful.

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