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Several Methods to Identify the Quality of Acrylic Cream Bottle

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A good acrylic material determines a high-quality acrylic product. This is obvious. If you choose a low-quality acrylic material, the processed acrylic product will be deformed, yellow and black, or the processed acrylic product will be many defective products. These problems are directly related to the choice of acrylic material. Here are some ways to judge the quality of acrylic cream bottles for everyone to distinguish in the future.

The first observation method: This is a method to judge according to the material characteristics of acrylic itself. When we buy acrylic, we can see whether the acrylic sheet has faded slightly or the gloss is not high. If it exists, it means that the quality of acrylic is not good. . In addition to this observation method, you can also see whether the acrylic manual is consistent with the actual situation of the acrylic sheet. If it is inconsistent, it can also be judged that the acrylic material is irregular.

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The second burning method: a small piece of acrylic can be used for the burning test. If the acrylic plate burns up quickly, it means that the quality of the acrylic is not good.

The third light transmission method: This method is derived from the characteristics of acrylic light transmittance. It can transmit white light through the acrylic plate through the light. If yellow or blue color is found, it means that the quality of acrylic is incorrect. , Because the light transmittance of acrylic sheet is very high and the light after passing through belongs to white light and will not absorb light color.

The fourth method of pasting: This method is also called the hot-melt method. It distinguishes between good acrylic materials and bad acrylic materials with different sticking degrees. For example, acrylic materials of poor quality will stick together and difficult to separate after being melted, while acrylic materials of good quality will be easily separated.

The fifth packaging method: The soft plastic edge packaging of good quality acrylic material is very good, and the soft plastic edge of bad acrylic sheet looks very mixed in color. This industry is called joint venture sheet. Of course, the price of a packaged good acrylic sheet is definitely more expensive than the almost acrylic sheet.

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