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Spray bottles have attracted much attention in the field of daily chemical packaging

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Many sunscreen products are bottled, which consumers are accustomed to, but recently, a lot of spray-type products have appeared on the market. Not only are they convenient to use, but also for sunscreens with new styles that are different from the traditional ones. Pick up this packaging style. The product can ensure that users are not burned by the sun at any time, and the spray can is worthy of the market’s attention and use.

Several major brand manufacturers of sunscreen products are gradually adopting open spray packaging. Schering-Plough (Schering-Plough) is the first company in this market to use spray packaging. Last year, they added sunscreen for children, sunscreen for dry skin and new SPF sports products. In May, Playtex's Banana Boat (Banana Boat) brand also launched a spray-type anti-product formula for teenagers and children.

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According to Eric Desmaris, Marketing Manager of Rexam, the spray-type product allows users to evenly apply sunscreen to areas that are hard to reach, or smoothly apply sunscreen to naughty babies. Through the cooperation with the Plastohm Group, Rexam's weighing system department launched the "AirFree system", which can spray 360 degrees to ensure that users can apply it to any part.

Another field, which is also the most mature field of sprayer applications, is perfume products, which also provides a good opportunity for other personal care products to apply sprays. For example, Unilever's Axe brand, although its target audience is male consumers, its spray-style personal skin care products are also very popular among teenagers and even female consumers. Procter & Gamble (P&G) also extended its product line to spray skin care products, the latest product being "Apple Dazzle". However, not every consumer will accept every spray-type personal care product, such as deodorant products. Vertical and roller-type products are still recognized by more people.

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