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How to choose travel sub-bottling?

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1. The main points of choosing travel bottling: Health and safety

Travel sub-bottles are used to distribute large bottles of shampoo, shower gel, cosmetics and other lotions, so that you can use safe toiletries during travel. Because shampoos, shower gels, and skin care products are in close contact with the human body, health is very important. First of all, we need to see whether the material of the sub-bottling is healthy, environmentally friendly, and whether it has passed some authoritative certifications, such as FDA certification, BPA FREE certification, LFGB certification, and so on. Healthy and environmentally friendly bottling can make us feel more at ease when using it. The common material for travel sub-bottling is food-grade silica gel, and those made of silica gel are called silica gel sub-bottling.

2. The main points of choosing travel sub-bottling: suitable capacity, easy to carry

When you travel, you can bring less luggage. But in order to travel comfortably and at ease, you still need to bring some, such as a change of clothes, shampoo, and shower gel. The same applies to the choice of sub-bottling, depending on the weight and capacity of the sub-bottling, whether it is easy to carry, and whether the amount of lotion is sufficient. In addition, it is very important whether the sub-bottling can be carried on the plane without checking in. At present, the sub-bottling capacity on the market is generally 37ml, 60ml, 89ml, etc., and the weight is generally 28g, 36g, 48g, 33g, 60g, etc. You can choose according to your own needs when choosing travel sub-bottles.

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3. The main points of choosing travel sub-bottling: Pay attention to color, style and shape

The choice of bottling for travel is that the person who wants to use it looks like it. This needs to pay attention to the color and style. Different people have different preferences. At present, the colors of top-packing bottles on the market are mainly pink, blue, transparent, purple, orange, green, etc. For the shape, there are fan-shaped bottles, sucker bottles, holes with holes, and holes with holes. The suction cups are divided into bottles, and the shapes are fan-shaped, cylindrical, animal-shaped, etc. This should be chosen according to your own preferences.

4. The main points of purchasing travel sub-bottling: the function should meet the demand

During travel, everyone has different needs for bottling, such as the choice of capacity and the choice of functions. Some hope that the sub-bottle can be adsorbed on the glass or on the wall to facilitate the squeezing of the emulsion. Some people hope that the sub-bottle can be hung up when not in use, and some people like the sub-bottle to be in the shape of an animal. Some people hope that the bottling has good airtightness, good leak-proofness, and how many squeezes are used.

5. The main points of purchasing travel sub-bottling: Pay attention to details and be durable

Traveling in bottles and other items, we all hope to be able to use them for a longer time, and these need to be reviewed on the materials and craftsmanship. When purchasing, we need to look at the details of the bottling process, such as the softness, wear resistance, and smoothness of the bottle. For the durability of sub-bottling, you can check the relevant certification. In addition, it also depends on whether the sub-bottling is of wide-mouth design and how many layers are leak-proof.

6. The main points of purchasing travel sub-bottling: pay attention to well-known brands

Now I see many sub-bottling brands on the Internet, which seem to be similar from the outside, but if you carefully understand and compare, there are still many differences, such as whether it is a patented product and whether it has passed relevant food-grade certification. Whether the materials used are environmentally friendly and whether the craftsmanship is excellent. Good brands have experienced market accumulation, so pay more attention to brands.

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