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The matching design of cosmetic plastic bottles

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Cosmetics are a must-have for women, so you must pay attention to cosmetic plastic bottles. Because they are must-haves, you will bring one or two cosmetics wherever you go. There are some relatively large brands in the market. We can find that, They buy a set of products, such as cosmetic cakes, a small round box containing the cosmetic sticks and mirrors that the cake needs to use, and then there is cotton to help spread evenly. It can be said that the sparrow is small. The five internal organs are complete, which maximizes the use of space, so that it is very convenient to take it anywhere. Needless to say, find a mirror and then find some tissues. 

However, there are only some large brands and some small brands that do so. Although they imitate, they do not imitate all of them. They only imitate the appearance without imitating the connotation, so the development cannot be achieved;

cosmetic bottle

The cosmetics market is gradually expanding, and the male and baby markets are gradually receiving attention, and the development of cosmetic plastic bottles will also be driven. If women want to maintain their packaging, they must continue to innovate and leapfrog;

At the same time, cosmetics can be subdivided in color makeup or light makeup, and then targeted design and development, because now this market has focused on segmentation, we must keep up with these trends.

Cosmetic plastic containers are usually made of PP, PE, K, AS, abs, acrylic, PET, etc. Usually used for injection molding of cosmetic bottles with thick walls, caps, stoppers, gaskets, pump heads and dust caps; PET blow molding is a two-step molding, the tube blank is injection molding, and the finished packaging is bottled. Others, such as lotion bottles and thin-walled washing bottles, are blow-molded bottles. PET material PET material is an environmentally friendly material. Cosmetic plastic containers have high barrier properties, light weight, unbreakable characteristics, chemical resistance and strong transparency.

Acrylic material: Acrylic material is an injection bottle with poor chemical resistance. Usually, it is impossible to fill and paste directly. It needs to be equipped with a liner barrier. In order to avoid breakage, the packaging is very demanding during transportation, because it looks particularly obvious after scratching, has high permeability and has a thick upper wall, but the price is quite expensive.

Processing techniques such as hot embossing and hot embossing are different from gold embossing, and the effects of silver embossing are also different. Hard materials and smooth surfaces are more suitable for hot stamping. The soft surface will not be hot stamped and will easily fall off. Used for printing gold and silver.

UV ink screen printing has ordinary ink and UV ink. UV ink has better effect, with gloss and three-dimensional effect. It should be printed to confirm the color during the production process. The screen printing effect will be different in different materials.

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