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Purchasing principles of cosmetic bottle set packaging

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The products used in the packaging of a complete set of cosmetic products are called cosmetic bottle sets. The cosmetics that appear on the market are basically the assembly of water, essence, and lotion products. Therefore, packaged packaging of cosmetic bottles has become a market trend. A good cosmetic bottle set has several characteristics: First, the integrity of the cosmetic bottle. The packaging and assembly of cosmetic bottles on the market require integrity and consistency. Second, the cosmetic bottle set is an important function of attracting consumers and making consumers desire to buy. Third, the ease of use and ease of use of cosmetic bottle packaging is also very important.

Then there are several principles for the procurement of cosmetic bottle set packaging. First, the purchase of cosmetic bottle set packaging depends on workmanship and quality, and quality is an important indicator. Second, it depends on the price and whether the price quoted for cosmetic bottle set packaging is reasonable. Third, look at the supply strength, the scale and strength of cosmetic bottle package packaging manufacturers.

The uneven thickness of the packaging bottle can easily lead to damage, or it is easy to be squeezed by the contents under severe cold conditions. A reasonable capacity should be tested during filling, and paper should be used for transportation and separated individually. The product should be Equipped with a color box, the inner support and the middle box can be more anti-vibration effect.

The commonly used bottle shapes of packaging bottles are usually in stock, such as essential oil bottles, ordinary transparent or frosted bottles. The production cycle of glass bottles is long, it takes 20 days as fast as possible, and some supply periods take 45 days. Generally, the order quantity is 5,000 to 10,000. The smaller the bottle type, the larger the quantity to be made. The cycle and the minimum order quantity will be both. Affected by peak and off-season.

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Mold opening cost: manual mold is about 2500 yuan, automatic mold is generally about 4,000 yuan, 1 out of 4 or 1 out of 8 costs 16,000 yuan-32,000 yuan, depending on the manufacturer's conditions.

The cap process can be used for anodized aluminum lettering, bronzing, and etched lines. There are matte and bright colors. It must be equipped with gaskets and inner caps. It is best to use pressure-sensitive sheets to enhance the sealing effect.

Essential oil bottles are usually made of brown or colored and colored frosted, which can avoid light. The lid has a safety ring and can be equipped with an inner plug or a dropper. The perfume bottle is generally equipped with an exquisite spray pump head or a plastic cap.

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