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6 points for buying cosmetic bottles

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How to judge the quality of cosmetic bottles, and what are the criteria for purchasing cosmetic bottles? Let me introduce to you how to choose cosmetic bottles:

1. Packaging bottles used in cosmetics are mainly divided into: skin care products (creams, lotions), perfumes, essential oils, and nail polishes. The capacity is small, and the capacity greater than 200ml is rarely used in cosmetics.

2. Cosmetic bottles are divided into wide-mouth bottles and narrow-mouth bottles. For solid pastes, a wide-mouth bottle is generally used. It should be equipped with aluminum or plastic caps. The caps can be used for color spraying and other effects; emulsion or liquid Generally, narrow-mouth bottles are used for pastes, and pump heads should be used. Pay attention to prevent the springs and balls from rusting. Now most pump heads are equipped with glass beads, which are usually used for material body testing. For example, a cover needs to be equipped with an inner plug. The small hole is the same as the inner plug for the water solution, and the larger hole is used for the thicker emulsion.

3. The selection of plastic bottles is more consistent, with more shapes, rich processing techniques, and diversified matching with bottle caps. Common bottle shapes include cylindrical, oval, flat, prismatic, and conical shapes. Manufacturers often develop series of bottle shapes. The bottle body process includes spraying, transparent, frosted, semi-transparent toning, silk screen, bronzing, and silver bronzing.

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4. Silk screen printing: There are usually two kinds of silk screen printing for plastic bottles. One is high temperature ink screen printing, which is not easy to decolorize, the color is dull, and it is difficult to produce purple color toning. The other is low temperature ink screen printing, which has brighter color. The ink has higher requirements, otherwise it is easy to fall off, and attention should be paid to the disinfection of the bottle.

5. The effect of spraying generally requires an additional 0.5 yuan-1.1 yuan/piece, depending on the area and the difficulty of toning. The silk screen is 0.1 yuan/color. Cylindrical bottles can be calculated in single color, and special-shaped bottles are calculated in two-color or multi-color. , Bronzing and silver 0.4 yuan/section.

6. If the plastic bottle is made by hand mould, there will be a little deviation in the capacity. When selecting it, it should be tested and marked with the correct capacity. For example, the automatic production line is more uniform, but the shipment volume is relatively large and the cycle is relatively long. 

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