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All Size Empety Plastic PET Lotion Bottles Spray Bottles Unicorn Transparent Bottles

  • 01B044、01B162、01B157、01B158、01B256
  • 10k
  • PET
Product Description

Product parameters

Brand BEYON 未标题-1
Model 01B044、01B162、01B157、01B158、01B256
Volume 60ml、72ml、130ml、140ml、250ml
Material PET
Color Customizable
Production Process Screen printing, color, sandblasting, labeling


Volume Model Product Size Printing area
60ml 01B044-1024-1 D=41mm  H=74mm 128.7*20mm
72ml 01B162-1024-1 D=41mm  H=76mm 128.7*17mm
130ml 01B157-1524-1 D=45.54mm  H=108mm 143*55ml
140ml 01B158-1524-1 D=48.5mm  H=109.5mm 152.29*55mm
250ml 01B256-2724-1 D=46.5mm  H=150mm 146.01*95mm

Why choose us

1、Professional: We have more than 10 years of experience in the industry and have a very professional team who understand the market demand and trends, are familiar with product development and production and quality control, and can solve your needs at different stages.

2、Product quality: Our company and products have passed BSCI, ISO, FDA and other certifications, and we have the leading production equipment in China, and through strict internal quality control management to ensure the quality of each product, eliminating customer worries.

3、Integrated production and marketing: We have our own production base, with a complete independent industrial chain, and sufficient production capacity at present, without external OEM, so as to ensure that all the quality and service can be controlled, and can meet your needs at different stages with extremely high cost performance.

4、One-stop procurement for all categories: We have a very complete supply chain management system and can provide you with a one-stop worry-free overall solution to reduce your supply chain management costs and solve the matching and fitting problems between different products and suppliers.

5、Personalized customization: We have been focusing on cultivating the ability of personalized custom development in order to respond to the diversified and personalized market and reduce the risk and cost for your trial and error in the market for emerging products.


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